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Bad brake rotor and caliper
Old and new brake rotor
Badly worn brake rotor


Brakes... what can I say?  Y'all know when you need 'em and it usually starts with a slight squeak and progresses into an cringe-worthy grinding.  If ignored for too long, a simple brake job can turn costly quickly!

Sometimes the brake rotors are thick enough and can be machined and reused.  There is a minimum spec for rotor thickness and it varies depending upon vehicle.  Rotors are measured with a micrometer to determine if they are reusable.

I only use quality brake parts because I too hate brake noise!  Cheap pads can lead to a lot of dust on your wheels or lead to warped rotors.  Some brake shops will offer "lifetime" brake pads.  I've found they install an extremely hard brake pad which usually leads to the rotors prematurely wearing thin and warping.  Granted the pads might be covered, but they'll get it back on the rotors and anything else that takes a beating in the mean time.  It's worth it to pay a bit more and do it right the first time. 

Let me get those brakes taken care of for you.  I check out the entire system from the pads and shoes to rotors and drums, hoses and calipers to brake fluid condition and ABS systems.

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