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Spark Plug and Wire Carbon Tracking
Spark Plug

Ignition System

Ignition systems have come a long way since points and condensers.  Nearly every gasoline vehicle today runs a system called COP or coil-on-plug.  Each spark plug gets it's own ignition coil to handle the spark events.  This system mean no more distributors, rotors, ignition cables running off to a remote single coil or being draped all over the engine bay. 

The biggest advantage is that the vehicle's computer can control individual cylinder timing, build a hotter spark and also allow much more precise cylinder misfire data for fault tracing.

Most spark plugs have special tips made out of either platinum, iridium or nickel.  Use of these particular metals has increased the service life of the spark plugs over the traditional copper construction.  Very few vehicles today come from the factory with copper due to the much shorter maintenance intervals.

Ford Long Spark Plug
Overheated Honda Ignition Coil
Carbon Tracking Ignition Wire
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